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With Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy for drinks at the Criterion in Piccadilly 5/28/13—their Wild Rumpus album is out this fall

photo by Caroline Sinclair

Visual artist Rob Rainbow with Wild Rumpus (Cosmo and Gary), roof of the Beursschouwburg, Klinkende Munt Festival, 7/7/7
photo by Kris Mouchaers

Wild Rumpus is the latest musical wizard's brew from "Legendary Left-field Guitarist" Gary Lucas — who here joins forces with his longtime friend and collaborator Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy (a/k/a DJ Cosmo) to create a wild ass-shaking rumpus in the electronica and dance field.

An astonishing mix of electronica, dub and country, it's like nothing you've ever heard!!

WILD RUMPUS DOUBLE VINYL LP "MUSICAL BLAZE-UP"—space-age psychedelic dance grooves courtesy Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy and Gary Lucas, available on vinyl here, download the new album here.

Check out some great advance reviews from A Little Bit of Sol, from Colorising, from A Closer Listen, and from I House U!!

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Gary first started collaborating with Cosmo in midnight raves in the Manhattan 14th Street meat-market district with legendary DJ's the late Adam Goldstone and Perry Brandston (a/k/a The Departure Lounge)...the duo went on to play a whole series of Bacardi sponsored raves last year in London, India, and Romania...and are playing soon as the Wild Rumpus Soundsystem at London's Cargo on June 2nd and at the Brussells Klinkende Munt Festival July 7th — don't miss them live, as Gary Lucas take his electric guitar to interstellar heights over the killer beats and samples courtesy of Cosmo...

New track from Wild Rumpus (Gary Lucas and DJ Cosmo) "El Duende"—now on the jukebox at MySpaceand on SoundCloud!

New Wild Rumpus vinyl 12" "Rock the Joint" featuring Gary Lucas and Cosmo (Colleen Murphy) with special guest UK Human Beat Box Champ Beardyman receiving mucho UK airplay and rave reviews—check iBeats, Time Out New York, Ministry of Sound's Playlist, BBC1's Playlist from the Rob Da Bank Show—and listen to "Rock the Joint" on the new Wild Rumpus MySpace site jukebox here.

Check out the promo video for "Rock The Joint" by Wild Rumpus (feat. Beardyman), hand animated and directed by Tabitha O'Connell!

Wild Rumpus' single "Musical Blaze-Up" was picked on iTunes UK as Editor's Choice "Best of Store" — alongside new music by Prince, Gwen Stefani, Crowded House and Happy Mondays; read the press release here.

For more info, check out the first press communique from Bitches Brew here.

The Wild Rumpus single "Musical Blaze-Up" is available for download now on iTunes, get it here!

Visit Cosmo's web sites at Cosmic Music and Bitches Brew.

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Gary with Wild Rumpus, Bruxelles, 7/7/7
photo by Kris Mouchaers
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